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Soca (Soul Calypso) is a style of Caribbean music originating in Trinidad and Tobago.Soca developed as an offshoot of Calypso, with influences from Cadence-lypso, Soul, and Funk. The presence of a large Indian population in Trinidad blended traditional Indian musical instruments particularly the Dholak,Tabla and Dhantalinto a style called chutney music.Soca has evolved in the last 20 years primarily by musicians from various Anglophone Caribbean countries.Some examples are Rapso: Eastern Caribbean dialect hip-hop with Soca and Calypso melody and bold lyrics.Chutney soca: Original soca performed with more chutney styled form; mainly performed by chutney musicians.Raggasoca: A fusion of Jamaican ragga and soca. Parangsoca: A combination of calypso, soca, Venezuelan, and Latin. Music is most often sung in Spanish.Steelband-soca: Steel pans are types of a drum often used in soca and calypso music. Bouyonsoca: sometimes referred to as Jump up soca, is a fusion-genre that typically blends old bouyon rhythms from the '90s and soca music. Groovy soca:It features sensual vocals over mid-tempo soca rhythms, and very often elements of zouk and raga soca.Rockso: 'mutant' style of calypso, focusing on a wide range of subject matter and 'flows'.

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